The photographer you choose for your wedding may be the most important choice you make when selecting who to work with. The photos taken, the albums made, will be your window back into the most important day of your life. You want your photos to tell the story, silently narrating your personal fairy tale. My journalistic style captures the quiet special moments between you and your intended from afar and up close, bringing you a perspective you may miss in the whirlwind of the day. Your wedding photos will arrive in their best form, fully edited and color corrected to present all your moments, tiny and momentous.


Woods-1293I will to be intimately involved in the details of your day. From getting ready to your departure, I will help you lay out the schedule for your day so that all the important moments will be captured without stress.

We’ll start our relationship with an in person or on the phone chat, where I will get a sense of what you’re looking for in your wedding day – rustic, low key, elegant, magical, formal – your vision will be reflected in the photos I take. I’ll collect all the key details about your family, your dress, your colors, your vendors, and help guide you to vendors I’ve worked with in the past that could perhaps help you in an area where you’re stuck. I can be as hands on or hands off as you’re comfortable, but know that I am there, knowing wedding days inside and out, and able to help be a guide and sounding board for any of these important decisions. I will be only a phone call or a text away!

Once your date and location is booked, I will visit the venue and get to know the managers there to work with them on the details of your wedding for the best light and photos. I’ll select portrait locations and map out a path through your venue to obtain the absolute best images.

A few weeks prior to the wedding, we will solidify your timeline together and I will work with your wedding coordinator to make sure all the transitions run smoothly. I will work with you to make sure I have all of your wish list photos set, and walk you through planning your family formal portraits. By doing all this prep work ahead of time, your wedding day will feel less like moving from place to place and more you enjoying these special moments soon to become memory.

engagement sessions

Engagement Sessions

If your package includes it, we will schedule an engagement shoot where I will get the opportunity to capture the joy you two share about your upcoming nuptials. The laughter, the love, the happiness you two share can be seen in photography forever.


wedding day options

I arrive when you want me – at the salon where you are getting ready, a hotel where you are staying, or at the venue itself.

your dress

DetailsA bride’s dress is a statement of who she is and how beautiful she feels. I will capture your dress for the piece of art it is before you put it on, and then take tasteful photos of you getting into it. This is a favorite for sisters and moms, where they actively dress you, getting to take a unique role in preparing you for your magical “I do” moment.


first look

If it’s your preference, before the ceremony, you can have what’s known as a “First Look”, where you and your intended see each other for the first time. I will stay in the periphery, allowing you a semi private moment to take in the enormity of what you are about to do. Some of my best emotional portraits are captured in the First Look. If you have children, this is also a great opportunity to then add them for genuine portraits without the stress or hubub of energy that is the cocktail hour. Once you have this First Look, you can also move right into family portraits right before the ceremony when everyone is looking fresh and at their best, and saving cocktail hour to be enjoyed by you and everyone else.

after the ceremony

One of my favorite times is the first few minutes after you say, “I do.” Of any recommendation I make, this is by far the favorite of my brides and grooms. I recommend you take at least 10 minutes after the recessional, skipping a reception line, and have a private moment to let the reality of being married sink in. By allowing yourself this moment, you are giving yourself a moment of quiet and love. I will arrange for hors d’oeuvres and cocktails for you so that you can have a bite before we move into portraits.

cocktail hour

TamiGraham-9800Cocktail hour is a traditional time to take family portraits. You can also opt to take family photos during this time if you don’t have a First Look. Having not only a list ready to go, but one family member from each family to help round up the extended families (parents do GREAT at this!) will make the formal portraits go smoothly. An important rule I have is to please not have other family members taking photos at the same time, as it makes my job harder. Once there are multiple photographers, groups end up looking in different directions, they don’t know where to focus, and transitions from group to group take longer.



TamiGraham-0374Some of the best reception photos come from the departure. The tone of the moment is jubilant and that celebration can really be captured with the inclusion of fun things like bubbles blown, or sparkler tunnels. If you have a custom vehicle to depart in, please be sure to let me know ahead of time so I can capture that as part of the experience.


the details

Woods-0596The cake, the flowers, the place settings, your colors, signature drinks, your invitations, special dances – all of these will be documented as if being shot for a magazine spread. Not a detail will be missed so that it will never be forgotten.



As your photographer I have a few requests:

Please let me and my assistants be your only photographers. If you have others, even those in your family, please be sure to communicate to them to stay out of key areas of your wedding. There’s nothing worse than an “I do” moment blocked by a well meaning family member trying to capture the moment at the expense of my vantage. In these modern times of smart phones and tiny cameras, it is a common impulse to whip these out in the middle of the ceremony or special moments instead of enjoying it. Please reassure them that the wedding photos will be captured with the utmost care and skill and they can just experience the magic of the moment and revisit it when your photos are published.

Please also make myself and my assistant guests of your wedding. By giving us a seat at your reception tables, you are giving us the best position to capture everything. If we are hidden away at a vendor table in the back, we may miss important announcements or special moments. And well-fed photographers are energetic photographers. Wedding days can be grueling for us – sometimes up to 12 hours straight of being on our feet – and we may forget to eat.

Please enjoy the day. Set aside any expectations of perfection and understand that dresses may get wrinkled, a special momento may be forgotten, but what is most important is the commitment of your love. There is nothing to be nervous about, and you certainly don’t have to worry about looking good (let me take care of that). Breathe. Relax. Enjoy. This is YOUR wedding day.

If you’re interested in talking more, please take a moment to send me an email.

Congratulations, and I SO look forward to meeting you.