The Last Unicorn returns – In High Definition!

So this isn’t photography related, but anyone who knows me knows I love movies. And unicorns. The Last Unicorn was a movie that escorted me through my childhood. Whenever I was sick and home from school, I would play this movie on loop (along with a couple others like Lassie Come Home and Sheena: Queen of the Jungle – don’t judge!).

For those of you unfamiliar with this film, it’s an animated movie starring the voice talents of the likes of Mia Farrow, Angela Lansbury, Christopher Lee, and Jeff Bridges. The soundtrack is composed and performed by the band America. It is produced by Rankin & Bass with the aid of Peter S. Beagle as screenwriter (as he wrote the original novel the book is based upon).

The Last Unicorn

It follows the tale of a unicorn, the last of her kind (unbeknownst to her), who overhears the conversation of a pair of hunters in her wood of eternal summer. They warn her to stay where she is, as she is the last, and she will be safe but only if she stays where she is. Shocked by the news, the unicorn cannot fathom this newly discovered truth. Restless in her wood, she encounters a butterfly who speaks and sings in riddles (don’t all butterflies?). She gleans from him a myth of the “Red Bull” and how he drove all of the unicorns in the world away, never to be seen again. Unwilling to accept this fate for her kind, she sets out on a voyage to discover where the others have been taken, and to, hopefully, free them.

The story is not violent, though there are some scary bits. It would be appropriate for children age 3+ (though the younger set may need accompaniment by an adult for comfort when the Red Bull appears). Compared to modern television media, this film is quite tame.

The animation style is unique, and feels characteristically Japanese (70s style Japanese). In fact, this animation team from this film formed Studio Ghibli shortly after production was completed.

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